David Dobrik is Giving Away 5 Tesla Model 3’s to Encourage Voting Registration

Author: Kevin Stillerman

Electric Vehicle Content Writer

YouTube celebrity David Dobrik will be giving away Tesla Model 3’s to five lucky winners! Here are the details and how to enter the giveaway!

YouTube celebrity David Dobrik is once again doing a massive giveaway!

On Tuesday Sep 29th he announced that he will be giving away 5 Tesla Model 3’s in collaboration with HeadCount.

HeadCount is a non-profit group dedicated to increasing voter turnout, and so far…mission acomplished!

In less than 24 hours, this giveaway has already encouraged over 100,000 people to register to vote according to a recent Twitter post by HeadCount.

For those of you who have never heard of David Dobrik, he has one of the platform’s largest following with more than 18 million YouTube subscribers.

How to Enter Giveaway

The giveaway is active through Sunday, October 4th. 

Here are the 3 simple requirements in order to be eligible to win one of the Tesla Model 3:

1. Share David Dobrik’s Twitter post to your Instagram story.

2. Tag a friend’s handle in the comment section of the twitter post.

3. Check to see if you are registered to vote via HeadCount’s website

A brand new Tesla Model 3 currently starts at around $35,000 making this giveaway total over $175,000.

This viral post has turned into a viral giveaway, with a good cause to back it up! Have you registered to vote? Will you be participating in this giveaway for a change to win a Tesla Model 3?

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