Tesla Dog Mode Climate Control for Happy Pets

Author: Kevin Stillerman

Electric Vehicle Content Writer

Telsa Dog Mode is a climate control feature that keeps your pet safe and comfortable when you need to leave them in the car.

Tesla Dog Mode

Happy pets, happy Tesla owners!

So for those of you who don’t know, Tesla Dog mode is a climate control feature that maintains a safe and comfortable temperature for your pet when you need to leave them in the car for a short period of time. For example if you are traveling around town with your pet and need to run a few errands, you can turn dog mode on and leave them in the car while you pick up groceries.

Tesla Dog Mode was first introduced back in late 2018 after someone tweeted @elonmusk requesting that this pet-friendly feature be added to Teslas. In response to the tweet by John Atchley on October 18th Elon Musk simply replied “Yes”. 

And just like that Dog Mode was born and since then it has been added to all Tesla vehicles via a software update. To access Dog Mode you simply go to the climate control settings by selecting the fan icon on the Tesla display and then choosing “Dog”.

In addition to keeping the climate safe and comfortable for your pet, Dog Mode also changes the Tesla screen to display a fun little message that says “My owner will be back soon. Don’t worry! The AC/Heater is on and it’s XX inside the car. This screen automatically shows up when you exit your Tesla and shut the door.

This is a great addition because it helps to notify passerby’s that your pet will not overheat in the summer for example or freeze in the winter. It is important to note that it specifically states on the Tesla display that Tesla Dog Mode is “For Pets” and to “Never leave a child unattended”.

Another nice feature is that you can see that Dog Mode is active from your Tesla App, and it will even notify you if your car battery drops to 20%. I’ve found that running Dog Mode by itself will only drain about 2-3 miles of range for every half hour of use, and hopefully you aren’t leaving your pet in the car for long amount of time, so battery life shouldn’t be a concern.


Dog Mode is just another example of how Tesla puts the consumer first and are always innovating to provide the best possible customer experience for their products. It is a feature that provides the owner peace of mind that their pet is happy, comfortable, and safe in the car while they step away for a moment to run everyday errands. Elon Musk has shown time and time again that he listens to his customers and is always striving to create the best user experience possible so that the product stands out in the crowd.

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