Tesla (TSLA) Stock Key Events, Reflecting on a 1 Year Roller Coaster

Author: Kevin Stillerman

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The past year has surely been a wild ride for Tesla (TSLA) investors. A review of key events which have influenced the stock price.

TSLA Stock, A Year in Review

There never seems to be a dull day when talking about Tesla and Elon Musk.

There are several TSLA stock key events that have impacted the company over the past 52 weeks and contributed to the stocks massive rise.

These key moments in time have helped propel the company forward attributing to more than a 10X increase for TSLA over the past year from a share price of $218 in August 2019 to $2,213 as of 8/28/2020. 

TSLA Key Events Timeline

Even during the peak of an economic drop caused by a global pandemic, Tesla has shown perseverance to overcome all obstacles and roadblocks.

TSLA has greatly outperformed the market and shows no signs of slowing down as company milestones are constantly being achieved. 

CyberTruck Unveiled

On November 21st 2019, Elon Musk unveiled the CyberTruck to the world at an event in Los Angeles California. 

The CyberTruck polarized the population with a highly linear aesthetic design that people seem to either love or hate (with little in-between).

To further add to the discussion, an infamous on-stage demonstration that was supposed to showcase the break-proof glass went wrong and the glass shattered on stage. 

As explain in a Tweet by Elon Musk:

This didn’t stop an estimated 650,000+ people from reserving one of these high torque electric trucks. 

First U.S. COVID-19 Death Reported

On February 29th 2019 the first U.S. death due to COVID-19 was reported.

This was just the beginning of a country-wide epidemic that has persisted through today and negatively impact the economy and stock market as a whole.. 

A man with no travel history to China died on Feb. 28 at Evergreen Health Medical Center in Kirkland, Washington.

Initial fear and uncertainty caused TSLA to have a relatively large downward movement, but quickly bounced back over the following week.

COVID-19 Panic

As the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths continued to climb, panic began to set in for investors. 

The S&P 500 violently dropped from $3,386 on February 19 2020 to a low of $2,237 on March 23 2020. 

For the most part TSLA stock mimicked the downward pattern of market as a whole dropping from $901 to $361 per share during the same period.  

Model Y Starts Deliveries

On March 16th Tesla began deliveries of their highly anticipated Model Y, an all electric SUV.

The Model Y shares approximately 75% of it’s parts with its smaller counterpart, the Model 3.

This commonality in parts allowed for an attractively low starting price of $52,990. 

Deliveries of the Model Y alongside economic optimism in the market provided a solid upwards trajectory of the stock.

Fremont Production Resumes

As the country continued to lock down, Tesla was forced by Alameda County to pause production of vehicles in it’s Fremont factory.

On May 11th 2020 Elon Musk Tweeted in resistance:

During this moment, Elon Musk proved to investors that he was committed to doing everything in his power to keep the company moving forward (even if it meant being taken away in cuffs). 

Model S Achieves 400-Mile Range

In mid-June 2020, Tesla announced that the North American variant of its Tesla Model S Long Range Plus car achieved an official, EPA-rated range of 402 miles.

Elon Musk tweeted:

This made it the first widely available electric car with a range of more than 400 miles. 

The impressive milestone was reached by several improvements such as vehicle mass reduction, new wheels and tires optimized for aerodynamics, increased drive unit efficiency, and improvements to regenerative braking. 

S&P 500 Inclusion Requirements Met

Tesla had already achieved the first 4 of these requirements.

On July 22nd 2020, Tesla reported Q2 financial results (read complete transcript), and reported positive earnings for it’s forth consecutive quarter.

Completion of this final checklist item has entered TSLA into a pool of candidates to be considered for S&P 500 inclusion.

5:1 Stock Split Announced

On Tuesday 8/11/2020 Tesla announced a 5:1 stock split to go into effect on Monday 8/31/2020 after the close of trading.

Many believe that Elon Musk may have hinted at a stock split on on May 1st 2020 when he tweeted:

While a stock split does not change the financial fundamentals, the anticipation of a more affordable stock price (more accessible to smaller retail investors) drove TSLA up.

TSLA 5:1 Stock Split Example

TSLA Pre-Split Stock Price
TSLA Post-Split Stock Price
TSLA Pre-Split Number of Shares
TSLA Post-Split Number of Shares
TSLA Pre-Split Position Market Value
TSLA Post-Split Position Market Value

The stock price will still predominantly be influenced by institutional investors.


Despite a global pandemic, Tesla continues to achieve their milestones and make investors happy. 

Tesla has delivered new products, increased vehicle range, checked all boxes for S&P inclusion, and is splitting TSLA stock price to entice smaller retail investors to join the momentum. 

Tesla continues to increase its manufacturing and supply chain abilities with additions of Giga Shanghai, Giga Berlin, and Giga Texas

With the new Tesla Roadster, Tesla Semi, and Battery and Powertrain Investor Day around the corner, TSLA investors have even more to look forward to in the near future!

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